Does your pooch have to take regular medication, or you have just visited the Vet and now your much loved pooch has to take that “dreaded little pill”!!

Now the fun begins as they always seem to know when you are about to give that “dreaded little pill.” Placing the tablet at the inside of their mouth usually just results in them spitting it out and a very slobbery tablet (yuck!) Why not try these fabulous suggestions instead:

Tip # 1- Did Someone Say Sausage Sizzle?

Any type of dog-safe sausage or Frankfurt makes a great hiding place for a small pill or capsule. Most dogs tend to just gulp down small slices of these treats, which will help prevent them from tasting the bitter pill inside. 

Just be sure to check the ingredient list first and verify that the sausages doesn’t contain garlic, onions or other pooch no-nos. 

Also, note that dogs who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and other health conditions that are worsened by fat should avoid sausage.

Tip #2- Avoid Going Nuts with Nuts!

Most pooches love smooth peanut butter as it has a rich taste, and the smell can help mask the bad taste of some liquid medications. You could even crush up a tablet and mix it in with some xylitol-free pooch safe peanut butter. 

You may need to check with your vet that crushing up a tablet is okay as some tables should not be broken or crushed.

Tip # 3: Say CHEESE!

A small cheese cube is one of the best ways to get your dog to wolf down a foul-tasting tablet.  I have found Babybel cheese is a favourite with the team at 3 Hound Sausages and works perfectly.

Some dogs can experience digestive difficulty after eating cheese, so avoid giving them gigantic pieces, unless you are sure your pooches’ tummy can tolerate it.

Tip #4: Chicken Tonight!

Many dogs would sell their soul for a bit of cooked chicken or salmon skin, and these items can be remarkably effective for hiding pills.  Just cook up the skins on baking paper until they are slightly crispy, wrap them around the pill in a tight ball and give your pooch the tasty treat. The fats in the skin will help disguise most of the bad-tasting medicine.  

As with sausages, animal skins are not appropriate for dogs who have medical conditions that require them to eat a low-fat diet.

Final Advice:

The trick is to give one of the above suggestions with no pill first and then the piece of meat or cheese with the pill followed by another pill free piece. Before they know it….. down the hatch it goes!!