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Welcome to 3 Hound Sausages, a handmade craft store dedicated to the dachshund and furry friend community.


Welcome to 3 Hound Sausages, a handmade craft store dedicated to the dachshund and dog community. We’re devoted to giving you the very best of handmade craft products with a focus on using locally sourced materials, creating unique one off pieces and providing a quality product that you and your furry friend will treasure for a long time to come.

Established in 2011; 3 Hound Sausages was created when founder Julie Ziccone decided to blend her passion for creating beautiful handmade craft products with her love for her 3 dachshunds Dasha, Ebony and Maddison. After connecting with like-minded individuals within the community Julie discovered there was a demand for stylish and quality products especially made to fit these unique and quirky pups. Eight years and another dachshund puppy (Oliver) later; 3 Hound Sausages now proudly offer a complete range of unique handmade craft products for both fur babies and their owners.

We adore our furry friends just like you and know you expect the very best when it comes to your furry friends, which is why every product is crafted with passion and exceptional attention to detail. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.





Dollars Donated to Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue

Proud Supporter of Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue

3 Hound Sauasges adore Dachshunds just like you which is why we support D2DR by donating 10% from the sales of every pet expo we attend!

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Our happy fur babies are pawsitively giving 3 Hound Sausages the tick of approval!

From Our Clients

Our fur parents love that our bespoke craft makes their fur babies happy!

G’day People at 3hound sausages.

We received our harness and collar last week. We are very pleased with it. We had tried all brands, and those she couldn’t pull backwards out of chafed her little legs.

We will order again.


Happy Fur Parent

The Sleeping Bags are amazing. Double thickness, well stitched and AAA quality. Bailey loves them.

What I really like is that the inside can be pulled through the opening so the double layers become a single layer sealed casing. Easier and more efficiently washed as this balances the wet weight in the machine. Will also dry faster and then the inside simply tucks back into place.

Brilliant for the dawgies… and much easier for mum to manage the cleaning


Happy Fur Parent

Hey just wanted to send you an email, we got our first 3 hound sausages order today I’ve been wanting to try your stuff for a while now and finally got around to doing an order and saying I’m impressed would be an understatement!! The harnesses fit our sausage and 2x chihuahuas perfect. We have struggled for ages to find the right harness for our dachshund but even more so our tiny 2kg smooth hair chihuahua girl. And this is the first harness I’ve put on and it’s fit 100% perfect! Very impressed. Great prices and quality and the snoods are nice and thick. Our little chihuahua is nestled up in her snuggle sack as I write this email so that’s a hit also!! Thankyou for the freebies too 😊 😘  definitely will be a returning customer!


Happy Fur Parent

3 Hound Sausages are absolutely amazing! Julie’s customer service is brilliant and the quality of the harness is top notch. They’re also dachshund specific so they support the lil guys very well.

Mine arrived from Vic to QLD in a week!


Happy Fur Parent

Best harnesses I have ever used they don’t pull on their throat and they can’t squirm out of them backwards. I have 4 sausages and 2 offspring of some of them and that is all we use


Happy Fur Parent

Boys went WILD on their walk today after being stuck home with the rain and got lots of adventuring + zoomies in!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND these harnesses from Julie Ziccone @ 3 Hound Sausages! My poor short haired Frankie was getting so red raw under his front legs from harnesses, I had tried so many brands and sizes from the pet stores. Not a single sign of any discomfort from this harness (and we went for a HUGE walk!)

Thank you so much for making my puppies two happy boys! 💙


Happy Fur Parent

“Oh my goodness Julie, thankyou so so much, the Dr Who Harnesses are amazing!!!!!!

We cant wait to show them off to everyone!

Be prepared for more orders lol”


Happy Fur Parent

“Hi Julie. Letting you know Sebastian’s harnesses have arrived and fit him like a charm. They are what we have been looking for for so long to save the chaffing under his front legs. He ran like a charm with it on giving ample space around under his front legs and no aggravation. Thank you so much for the peace of mind for us as well as from Sebastian saying …’thank you too as it doesn’t hurt me anymore” 👍👏🐶😘

Lucy Spiteri

Happy Fur Parent

“Thanks Julie, the package arrived today.  Great turn around, much appreciated.”

Elissa McKendry

Happy Fur Parent

“I messaged Julie on Facebook before purchasing to ask which size would be best for my mini because I wasn’t sure if I was measuring correctly, she looked at the photos I sent and advised of a size really soon after I contacted her.

My order came within a week of purchasing and it fits perfectly and is super cute. My little guy actually likes wearing it too, which never happens with anything remotely clothing like for us!

Big thumbs up to Julie for such great customer service, cute fabrics, fast delivery and a great product! Thank you 😊”

Danika Elley

Happy Fur Parent

“Snuggle Sack is a huge hit thank you! I think I will need another one, he refused to go to bed tonight until I went out into the lounge and grabbed it for him!”

Amy Whitten

Happy Fur Parent

Hello 3 hound sausages team,

Just a brief email to let you know how absolutely ecstatic I am at the quality of the 2-x pet sleeping bags I ordered.

Our boy was attacked by 2 dogs 2 weeks ago and it is so perfect for his recovery, a safe and warm space is so important right now.

Thank you for such a beautiful made product!


Happy Fur Parent

Many thanks for the lovely harnesses that arrived in no time at all!  We are thrilled with them and will give them to our two sausages for their fourth birthday this week. 

We think the harnesses are perfect for dachshunds – they can’t escape from them and they are nice and comfy for them. No chaffing at all.

Many thanks until our next order ….. possibly in 12 months time.  They wear the harnesses all the time when they’re on their daily walks in the local park and also the national park near us so they give them a rough time …. yet they last and last.  Many thanks for your cleverness, we think the harness design is brilliant!


Happy Fur Parent

Thank you so much 3HoundSausages for your fabulous harnesses.  I have been a customer of yours for a long time but today they proved their worth ten fold.  I was walking my girls along the street when out of the blue a big dog raced up to us.  She did some sniffing and then went for Abby’s neck.  Because of the harness covering from the neck to a good way down the back, the dog’s teeth could not puncture Abby’s skin and so protected her from serious injury.  She is a little tender in the area but it could have been so much worse.  Another reason to buy one of these.  Thanks so much Julie.   😢


Happy Fur Parent

“Just wanted to say thank you for the harness you made recently for Poppy. I used it for the first time today on her first group walk – it was super easy to put on and she looked really comfortable in it. She’s usually not a fan of her walks but was really happy today! A special thanks for the beautiful fabric you chose for her, I love it!”


Happy Fur Parent

Hi Julie my beautiful tote bag arrived and I am thrilled with it. All those pockets and soft but strong. And so pretty. I love it thanks  😊


Happy Fur Parent

My package arrived on Tuesday and OMG….. they are all ADORABLE!  Thanks so much for the fun present idea’s and for working with me!


Happy Fur Parent

“Love your products and Schatzi has started a fashion craze at the local dog park. Some of her doggie friends will soon be sporting your harnesses too. I’m so pleased to be able to promote the quality and design of your work.”


Happy Fur Parent

“Hi Julie, we received this on Thursday and we are delighted with the product. Our mini dachshund slept in it for the first time last night and it is the 1st time ever that he has not woken me to re-cover him with his blanket. Love it!”

Amanda Conan

Happy Fur Parent

“After spending much time trying to find the perfect harness for my mini Dachshund girl Coco, I came across 3 Hound Sausages after reading many positive reviews from other Dashie owners.  Having so many cute fabrics to choose from on Julie’s website, I finally decided on the Dashie print in Navy. I really loved the pink one too but my husband wanted something more ‘masculine’ for when he was walking her. The ordering process was super easy and super fast with it arriving just a few days later.  The harness fits Coco perfectly and is beautifully made.  I’m so happy with it that I’ve also just ordered a pink one for when I’m walking her – a girl can never have too many harnesses! I highly recommend 3 Hound Sausages for the discerning Dachshund (& owners).”

Kerri Hotton

Happy Fur Parent

“Cheerio enjoying his new snuggle sack. Thanks  heaps. Its looks amazing!”

Jade Weatherley

Happy Fur Parent

Hi Julie thank you I have received Maisy’s collar and little doggie bag was a surprise thanks again for your lovely products 🐶😊💕

Vicki Hanley

Happy Fur Parent

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